Because . . .
I get to see how God is using our church from a vantage point that few others do. All the information and stories that come to are amazing. I only reget I don’t get to share them with everyone!
I get to see how God is working in the lives of individuals. Some stories are very private and probably will never see the light of day. Other stories are evolving — God is doing something over time and I have the priviledge to watch transformation unfold.
I get to talk to people about Jesus! I had a chance today to share with someone about Christ. I might never see them again, but I believe God will take my moment of faithfulness and use it as He draws this person to Himself.
I get to represent Crossing to others. When a person comes to the office seeking help I have the benefit to hear their story and often meet a need. I am not the one helping them. It is our church, I am only the representative.
I have the opportunity for my spiritual walk to be overwhelmingly blessed by so many people as I watch God at work in their life. I am challenged, convicted, encouraged, embarassed, and most of all, humbled by what I see.
I am the recipient of abundant grace from over 200 people that I worship with every Sunday!