This past week we looked at 2 Peter 2 where Peter is writing about false teachers & prophets. In our time together I noted some examples of false teaching of our day. Ironically, an example of false teaching arrived in my inbox this morning.

One of the blogs I subscribe to is Justin Taylor’s, “Between Two Worlds” from the Gospel Coalition site. Justin collects some great material in his blog. I often find it beneficial for my teaching and our ministry as well as to my own walk with the Lord.

Today, he highlights the death of Clark Pinnock. I heard Pinnock speak at PBU many years ago. He was presenting his case for inclusivism, the theology that people can be saved by Christ although they have no knowledge of Him. I wasn’t convinced that night and I’m still unconvinced! Too many statements by the Lord Himself that I can’t get around to land in the same place as Pinnock.

But many people have decided that inclusivism is true. I think there are a lot of reasons why people choose to beleive this. Perhaps the most probable is that God can’t be so cruel as to condemn people who have had no chance to hear of Christ’s redeeming mission to Earth. At least that’s how they would summarize it. So they repackage the truth for their own comfort.

Justin Taylor does a really good job of summarizing the good and the bad of Pinnock’s ministry. He closes his comments with this statement, “The Bible encourages us to view those who have gone before us as examples, both positively and negatively—with virtues to imitate and vices to shun. Clark Pinnock gives us the opportunity to do both.”

You can read Taylor’s comments here if you’d like.