originally posted 3/11/08
I wanted to let you in on a little secret. We had a spy among us in our morning service on March 9th! I have a friend that has a job as a “Secret Shopper” in addition to her M-F, 8-5 job. You’ve probably heard of those services. A company will hire a secret shopper service to visit one of their locations and make a purchase, then evaluate the store based on a predetermined criteria.

Well, this past Sunday my friend “secret shopped” CCC! I gave her over 50 questions to use as her criteria for an evaluation. She arrived about 10 minutes early (that in itself is unique to visitors!) and found her seat. She sat by herself until someone else arrived so late that they had to take the first empty chair they could find – which happened to be next to our ‘spy’. After the service she toured our the SonCountry rooms and the bookstore and had a chat with our person stationed at the Welcome Desk.

In her initial follow-up email the report was not all roses! But, let’s wait for her complete report card later this week.

Do we get an “F” when it comes to greeting guests? I don’t think we get an F but I think we might be in the D+/C- range. God has blessed us with five new families that call CCC home and two more that have been hanging around but haven’t said they are making this their church home. So there is a lot of good going on – but room for improvement!

On March 2nd we had seven guests with us. We received contact info on only one of them None of them returned on the 9th. Why is that? Without contact info, we can’t ask them that question. But we can ask ourselves what do we need to do that would make their experience with us as positive as possible.

Be looking for some new measures in the coming weeks that will be seeking to help us in this area. Michael Marino and I attended a conference in NYC recently that gave us plenty of ideas to consider.

If you have thoughts on this topic please share them with us. Hilary (Clinton!) says it takes a village. I’ll agree with her on that point! To make our guests fill welcome is not the job of the ushers or the welcome desk. It is all our job. If you have ideas on how to improve this area, we would love to hear them.