A Mudder Birthday

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Recently Bette Jo was talking with the leader of one of the Cub Scout groups that meets at our church about their first ever Mudder Race they were hosting on the campus. He invited our boys to come by and enjoy the mud that day. Bette mentioned that it was Owen’s birthday that day and we had planned a party for him, so maybe next time. He replied, “Why not have the party here and let all his friends run the Mudder?” 
Well, you don’t get that opportunity every day, so we took him up on the offer!
It was a great day! Thanks to Tim K and his staff for allowing us to join them. Owen and his friends loved the mud and the climbing and running — all finished off by cake and hot dogs!

Getting hosed down by the fireman!

Over & Under!

And through!


Up a soapy slippery hill!


Into the MUD BOX!

Into the MUD BOX!

What it looks like when you come out of the mud box!

Bette Jo can’t resist the fun!

Neither could Grant!

Owen’s muddy friends!

Into the icy wading pool

Crawling through more mud pits!

Working together to move the big tires.

MORE over and under and through!

LIFE AFTER HOME begins long before they leave

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I attended the Life After Home event with Dr. Tim Clydesdale over at Grace Point on Sunday night. It was really good. As I walked out afterward someone asked what stood out to me. Immediately I knew what it was. Didn’t have to think about it. Didn’t have to choose between my top two. The thing that stood out to me was that the best thing to do to help kids make wise and good choices, choices to pursue to Jesus when there is no one around making them do that — the best thing was . . .

for parents to live out their faith at home day in and day out as the kids are growing up.

Think about that. I think many parents think we have to make our kids go to camp, read the bible, pray, go, do, go and do. But the real burden lies on us as parents.

What are we doing? Is it in alignment with our words and the message of the Gospel? When Clydesdale said that I went into deep self-reflective mode! What have I been doing? What do I need to be doing? What do I have to stop doing? How are my actions and attitudes matching the message of Jesus? When my boys look at me, what do they see?

Finally, how much of what we are doing is spoon feeding our kids instead of teaching them to feed themselves? How do they begin to make their faith their own, instead of living in the shadow of my faith? How do we encourage them to actively engage in a walk of faith instead of going through the motions of accommodating my faith and wishes for them?

Bette and I are trying. Many parents I know are trying. But the rate that kids are walking away makes me think much of what we are doing is not working.

Parents, we are only stewards of the souls of our kids. One day we’ll give account for what we have done or not done to disciple them. I fear much of the burden will fall not on what we told them, but on how we lived in front of them.

If you want to hear the discussion for the “Live After Home” event click here.

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