How the Sham Wow guys fits into 2 Peter 1:16-21

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I’ve had several people ask how I fit Vince the Sham Wow guy into a message from 2 Peter. So here is a

Vince the Sham Wow guy

synopsis of what I was thinking.

The passage starts off by saying that Peter did not use “cleverly devised tales” as he made known the power and coming of Jesus.

Well, we began the service by watching Vince in action. We played the 2 minute Sham Wow infomercial and talked about how we typically respond to those appeals. The fundamental problem with them is that they are so unbelievable! When Vince says you can use th Sham Wow in the kitchen, on the car, on the boat and on the RV. It works wet or dry. It holds 12 times its weight in liquid. All that is too much to swallow.

So Madison Avenue tries to find the most believable person to pitch their product. Either a real person to talk about why you should buy their product or a really believable fake person to convince you to put your money down!

Then you read 2 Peter 1:16-21 and here is Peter “selling” an equally unbelievable “product” — that the sinless son of God would come to Earth and pay the punishment for admittedly guilty people. Or that it is faith alone in Jesus alone that saves us from our sin — another unbelievable claim.

So here is an utterly incredible claim being made by Peter, God’s chosen pitch-man. What made Peter believable? His life matched the message of the Messiah.

Madison Avenue finds the most articulate, good looking famous person to pitch their products. Jesus chose a smelly uneducated fisherman that was stubborn, outspoken, opinionated, cowardly and ultimately betrayed his Master.

But look at the man Peter had become in Acts 2. Confident, bold, articulate, and powerful. 3,000 respond to his message. In the years to come Peter is imprisoned and whipped, mistreated for the sake of his Master. Jesus’ pitch-man finally has his life taken from him as he is crucified upside down.

Peter says he knows the “product” because he witnessed it at work (v.17). He knows this man Jesus and this is not advertising text he is reciting for profit. “We ourselves heard this” and “we were eyewitnesses” sets this pitch-man apart from anyone who ever appeared on a box of Wheaties.

So how does Vince the Sham Wow guy fit in? Who knows if Vince ever used a Sham Wow. Who knows if Sham Wows really hold 12 times their weight in liquid. (mine doesn’t!) His message seems unbelievable because it is too good to be true and because he seems unbelievable.

But Peter’s message, which is equally unbelievable, has power due to the life of the messenger.

Now the question you and I have to wrestle with is this: does my life enhance the message of Jesus or distract from it?


Wanta buy a dead slave?


Last week when we were looking at Hosea purchasing his unfaithful wife (I hate her name!) from the slave market I mentioned the price he paid was equivalent to that of a dead slave.

Since that message I have had a few comments like, “Why would any one buy a dead slave?” I admit fuller explanation is needed!

In Exodus 21:32, as the law is being explained to the nation of Israel, there is this verse, “If the ox gores a male or female slave, the owner shall give his or her master thirty shekels of silver and the ox shall be stoned.” (For the sake of clarity, keep in mind that being “stoned” in the context of this verse has nothing to do with anything one would inhale or otherwise ingest!)

So the price Hosea paid for his wife was the price that a slave owner would be paid as reimbursement for a slave that was killed by a bull. The point I was trying to make was that though alive, Gomer only fetched the price one would recieve for a slave that had been killed. The price paid for Gomer signified the value others placed on her — she was as good as dead. Yet, here was a man buying her not as a slave but as a wife! Can you imagine the talk on the street!

Any more questions?

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