I LOVE Christmas — the music, the decorations, the memories of years gone by, the songs and the stories. I have especially been gathering books about Christmas. One book that I’ve enjoyed is a collection of poems, songs and excerpts from longer writings.

In my reading today I found a Christmas carol that Martin Luther wrote in 1534. I really liked the following stanzas.

All hail, Thou noble Guest, this morn,
Whose love did not the sinner scorn!
In my distress Thou cam’st to me:
What thanks shall I return to Thee?

Were earth a thousand times as fair,
Beset with gold and jewels rare,
She yet were far too poor to be
A narrow cradle, Lord, for Thee.

Ah, dearest Jesus, Holy Child!
Make Thee a bed, soft, undefiled,
Within my heart, that it may be
A quiet chamber kept for Thee.

Praise God upon His heavenly throne,
Who gave to us His only Son:
For this His hosts, on joyful wing,
A blest New Year of mercy sing.

How I long for my heart to be an “undefiled” place for the Lord. By His grace and through His longsuffering patience with me it becomes that place for Him. It’s all Him doing His work in His vessel!