“I will delight in your decrees” wrote the Psalmist. (Psalm 119:16)

This past week we saw a people that demonstrated that delight. Their joy, their emotion, the tears, the weeping, was exactly what Psalm 119 speaks of. If we ever wonder what it looks like to love the Word of God — check out the Kimyals.


Papua -- Home of the Kimyals

Was it ink on paper that set off a celebration that began weeks before the Bibles arrived in the village? Not a chance. These people who have barely moved out of the Stone Age have a firm grasp on their theology. They completely understood that God’s Word is Christ revealed — is Christ!

The word went around to all the villages that Jesus was coming in the morning and that they should all be down at the airstrip to meet Him.

Tears of Joy!

To learn more of the story behind the work among the Kimyal people, especially the translation work, visit the Kimyal Tribe of West Papua Indonesia website.

If you missed seeing the video in church or what to see it again, click here

When you see the Kimyal celebration what is your reaction?