Religious Fundamentalism Could One Day Be Treated As Mental Illness

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You know it’s coming. But when it hits you, when you finally are faced with it — it is still shocking!


But an Oxford University researcher suggests that one day all those detrimental behaviors & beliefs may be treated as mental illness.Christianity continues to be marginalized. Christians and the Church are already considered by many to be: unsafe, ignorant, homophobic, racist, archaic,  anti-scientific and bigoted. We suppress women, brainwash children, discourage intellectual discourse, spew hate speech and destroy indigenous cultures with our missionaries.

 “One of the surprises may be to see people with certain beliefs as people who can be treated,”

What is your reaction to this? Are you shocked that there are people thinking like this in our world? How would you respond to someone who wanted to label your ‘faith’ as a mental illness? What would a world that considered ‘religious fundamentalist’ as mentally ill look like? I wonder how religious you could be without being mentally ill? What would be the distinction between those who would be considered mentally ill and those who wouldn’t be?

How should we respond to such thinking? What answers do we have that could serve as a deterrent to being ‘healed’ of our faith??

I have my thoughts. What are yours?

Read the HP article here.


Psalm 23 & Tragedy: Afterthoughts & Other Things 5/16/13

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Hello Church!

This past Sunday I mentioned six questions to consider as we apply Psalm 23 and the statement, “The Lord is my Shepherd” to our lives. If I didn’t give you enough time to copy them down during the sermon here they are again:

  • Do I really belong to Him?
  • Do I really recognize His right to me?
  • Do I respond to His authority and acknowledge His ownership?
  • Do I find freedom and complete fulfillment in this arrangement?
  • Do I sense deep contentment because I am under His direction?
  • Do I know rest and peace in belonging to Him?

After the service one of you came to me and told me how Psalm 23 had become meaningful during an extended hospital stay. I LOVE hearing stories of how God’s Word comes true in our lives. Keep sharing those stories!!

Debbie Sweigard shared with us during our worship time the deep meaning the song “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” has had on her life. You can view the video she shared with her sister-in-law by clicking on this link.

This week we learned the tragic death of Megan Garvin. Many of us know her folks, Cam & Mary Garvin. Cam was a pastor at Bible Fellowship Church, Yardley for years. More recently he has been serving with Corporate Chaplains of America. Mary is a teacher’s aide at Goodnoe Elementary School in Council Rock School District. Megan was a graduate of Council Rock, then later graduated from Cairn University in 2011. She has been teaching 3rd grade in the Domincan Republic at Santiago Christian Academy since 2011. On Tuesday she died from injuries she suffered from a car accident. Services are pending for sometime next week. NBC10 did a great segment on Megan and her faith Thursday night. If you would like to watch it click here.

As a church we understand what it means to lose a young person. So please remember to pray for Cam & Mary and their three sons. Also keep Bible Fellowship in prayer — their leaders and the people who know and love the Garvin family.

This Sunday we’ll be studying Psalm 90 together. So dwell deeply in that psalm until we come together as a church family this Sunday.

Pastor Tim

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