For my personal devotions I often paraphrase a passage of scripture. Today’s was Psalm 139. 

Lord, you have searched me. You have been to the depths of my heart — seen the fears and doubts, know the envy, jealousy and pride that is so deeply rooted there. You are not fooled by the hollow words I say to cover up the darkness of my heart. 

Psalm 139:1-5You know all that I do. Even from where you are you know all my thoughts. You know my words, actions, attitudes and thoughts. 

You know everything about my life. Nothing has escaped your attention. It’s not that you are just aware of my life — you are intimately aware of it!

You know me better than I do myself. Even before I have formed the words on my tongue you know the heart attitudes those words express.

You have cupped your hands around me, before and behind me. You have surrounded me with your presence.

Could all this really be true? How is it possible? God, your power and compassion is too much for me to comprehend. I can’t grasp it. I admit I don’t fully understand.