Recently Bette Jo was talking with the leader of one of the Cub Scout groups that meets at our church about their first ever Mudder Race they were hosting on the campus. He invited our boys to come by and enjoy the mud that day. Bette mentioned that it was Owen’s birthday that day and we had planned a party for him, so maybe next time. He replied, “Why not have the party here and let all his friends run the Mudder?” 
Well, you don’t get that opportunity every day, so we took him up on the offer!
It was a great day! Thanks to Tim K and his staff for allowing us to join them. Owen and his friends loved the mud and the climbing and running — all finished off by cake and hot dogs!

Getting hosed down by the fireman!

Over & Under!

And through!


Up a soapy slippery hill!


Into the MUD BOX!

Into the MUD BOX!

What it looks like when you come out of the mud box!