I’ve had a few requests for the points from Sunday’s message re: the comparison between Jesus and Peter. Check them out below. If you have other insights or thoughts I would love to hear them from you!! Leave a comment!

Also, if you want to check out the video that I used you can find it here.

Jesus and Peter each make a confession or maybe you would say they reply to questions about who they are – three times for each of them.

“I am He” – Jesus makes this statement in verses 6 & 8 and makes a very similar statement to Pilate in verse 37.

“I am not” – Three times Peter denies the Lord – verses 17, 25, 27.

As you read the passage you see that we have two story lines running side by side to each other.

Verses 4-9 – Jesus

Verses 10-11 – Peter

Verses 12-14 – Jesus

Verses 15-18 – Peter

Verses 19-24 – Jesus

Verses 25-27 – Peter

Verses 28-40 – Jesus

Looking further in the chapter we can find the following observations about each man

Regarding Jesus:

Verses 4-ff – Calmness, composed, confident, steady, determined?

Verse 8 – A concern for others

Verse 11 Submission not to man but to God

Verse 12 – Bound and taken; also in verse 24

Verse 19-ff –Interrogated, answered with truth

Verses 20-24 – bold confession, even retort, although respectful, still under control emotionally

Verse 30 – Accused wrongly

Verse 33 – Who are you?

Verses 36-37 – Knows his mission, why he is here, has purpose

Verse 38 – Announced innocent by Pilate

Verse 40 – The innocent is condemned

Regarding Peter:

Verses 10-11 – Not under control, violent

Verse 15 – Followed, left of his own free will, free and unbound

Verse 17 – Rightly accused

Verse 18 – Free, warm and interrogated

Verse 25 – Who are you?

Verses 26-27 – Interrogated and answered falsely; cowardly

Verse 27 – Announced guilty by the rooster

The guilty goes free

From these observations we made these comparisons: (Jeus VS. Peter)

Arrest:  Calm, confident VS. violent, uncontrolled

Post-arrest:  Bound/taken VS. free, unbound

Interrogated:  Replied truthful VS. replied falsely

Accused:  Wrongly VS. rightly

Who are you:  Are the King? VS are you one of them

Verdict:  Innocent by Pilate VS. guilty by the rooster

The final and most important observation is this: that the innocent is condemned while the guilty goes free!

“You know that he appeared in order to take away sins, and in him there is no sin.”   1 John 3:5

“ For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”    2 Corinthians 5:21