Hey Church,

Remember what I said about Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) using our campus and being in our service this Sunday?

Well, they arrived this week. I walked across the parking lot on Wednesday afternoon to check out their set up and was blown away!

I’m including some photos in this post to show what it looks like to prepare 206 students to share the Gospel with over 5,000 kids throughout our region.

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There are CEF’ers in every nook and corner of our campus!! Their stuff is everywhere. They have puppet stages, skit props, juggling balls, crafts, music equipment, magic tricks, costumes, props/tools for sharing the Gospel – many in the colors of the wordless book – green, white, black, red and yellow. There are cases and cases and cases of materials!!

Then there is the food! Teenagers can stow it away!

That was just the stuff. Today the students arrived! When you throw in the staff and chaperones there are way over 200 people on campus. The next few days they are here training, learning how to lead a child to Christ, how to build a relationship with children, how to juggle, how to work with puppets, the lyrics and hand motions to songs, how to paint faces, make balloon animals.  I walked past one boy, couldn’t be more than 14 years old, training another boy how to share the Gospel. I heard him say,

“You have to be excited about this! You have to really excited when you are explaining this to them!”

How cool is that!

Sunday is their first day of ministry. After they are with us in our service they do a block party In Kensington. The rest of next week they will be at 29 different locations ranging from Perkasie to Kensington, to Manyunk and Norristown. These students come from 22 different churches as far away as Ohio, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

Churches and individual homes are housing all these student evangelists. Here at CCC we are home to 30 girls. They’ll be sleeping downstairs and showering in the VERY LARGE blue showers Bob McGinnis, Bill Quanstrom and Nick Holister built for them. (People ask why they are so tall? Because a teenage boy lives above the showers! DUH?)

Each day the teams will gather here at CCC, organize the materials for the day, then head out to their location. At the end of the day they come back here, eat, debrief, worship together then go to their respective home for the week.

The CEF Director, Linda McIntyre, has said numerous times how thankful they are for the use of the campus, “We just are speechless for the opportunity that your church has provided for these teams to come and be trained.”

Church, each of you are a part of this huge outreach effort. When you come and volunteer to clean, mow, fix or build on our campus you are a part of the ministry of these 200+ students. When you drop an offering in one of the boxes you are a part of the CEF ministry this week. When you pray for them, you are a part of their ministry this week.

You know that passage in John 4 that speaks of ‘one sows and another reaps’? It is speaking about how each of us have a different role in the process of evangelism. Crossing, our role this year is to facilitate! Simply by unlocking the doors of our building over 200 students are being trained how to share Christ in multiple ways. In the next two weeks over 5000 children will hear the Gospel!

What an honor! What a privilege! I had a hard time not getting all choked up as I walked through our auditorium on Tuesday and imagined the impact all those materials and students were going to have on our region!

BUT THIS ISN’T ENOUGH! This year CCC only has one student participating – Jeremy Breece. Let’s change that next year. Next year let’s have multiple homes that host backyard bible clubs. Next year let’s have 20, 30 of our students being trained and going out!

This Sunday we have the honor of praying over this throng of student evangelists in our morning service. I can’t wait! I hope you are as excited as well.

These are good days we are in, Church! Be sure to thank God for the honor of participating in the Gospel this way!

Can’t wait to be with you this Sunday!

Pastor Tim

PS: There is still room to help out at the workday this Saturday morning! (hint, hint!)