Not much time today to get wordy, so just three things that really struck me from “When People are Big and God is Small.” I’d really like to own them in my life.

“To really understand the roots of fear of man, we must begin to ask the right questions. Instead of “How can I feel better about myself and not be controlled by what people think?” a better question is “Why am I so concerned about self-esteem?” or “Why do I have to have someone — even Jesus — think I am great?” (pg 19)

“The most radical treatment for the fear of man is the fear of the Lord. God must be bigger to you than people are. This antidote takes years to grasp; in fact, it will take all of our lives.”
(pg 19)

“Regarding other people, our problem is that we need them (for ourselves) more than we love them (for the glory of God). The task God sets for us is to need them less and love them more. Instead of looking for ways to manipulate others, we will ask God what our duty is toward them.” (pg 19)

The one thing that stuck with me the most is the statement about needing people more than loving them. How does that hit youi?