A Cafe Press t-shirtWe have a teenager and we are working on the typical teenage stuff. Things like taking the trash down to the curb BEFORE the trash truck comes by. We’re trying to reinforce those life lessons that we all need to grapple with — like work before play. You know the stuff. Been there, done that. Right?

This morning we were going through the routine, “Did you do this? Have you done that?” And out of the blue it dawned on me that is exactly where God has me at the moment.

It was one of those crystal clear teachable moments but instead of me being the teacher, I was the student.

I heard that still small voice saying to me, “Tim, this is what I’ve been trying to teach you. Do the most important things first. Make ME first. Let all that other stuff follow after ME.” Seek ye first . . .

It wasn’t long before another thought occurred to me. Am I as patient and kind with my son as the LORD has been with me? How has by behavior and reactions reflected God’s behavior and reactions? Is my character reflecting God’s character? In the midst of trying to teach my son to do first things first am I also teaching him about the patience and kindness of his Heavenly Father?

Well I think we all know the answer to that question.

Now it’s time to repent and seek God’s grace to enable me to train my son the way our Heavenly Father is training me.

“Deal with Your servant according to Your mercy and loving-kindness, and teach me Your statutes.” — Psalm 119:124 (Amplified Bible)