Whether it is stitched into the shirt on the side seam, on the back collar or printed on the inside, every shirt, every piece of clothing, has a tag that tells you how to best care for it, “Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, do not iron.” You know stuff like that. You’ve seen it before — even if you didn’t know what it meant!Care & maintenance tag

R. Kent Hughes has said ‘that the Creator knows what His creation needs’ thus the Creator God sends his only Son to the creation to meet our greatest need.

John 1:12 says that to those who believe in His name he gives them the right to be children of God. What does it mean for us to ‘believe in His name?” What about this — It means to stop believing in yourself.

I know that is contrary to all the ‘feel good’ thinking of our day. But what I mean is that we try to deal with our sin and the shame and guilt that comes with it on our own power and effort. We think the solution is found in what WE can do. The Creator has given us explicit instructions on how to fix our sin problem. If we were wearing a ‘god shirt’ with a tag on how to care for the shirt, it would read, “Do not strive. Believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Remain in the Son.”