Verses 1-18 serve as the prologue to the book of John. It introduces the main character and an overview of some themes that we’ll find in our study. These few verses are the tip of the iceberg, while the remaining 21 chapters reveal what lies below the waterline.

This passage immediately challenges my finite mind with infinite truth! Things I can’t begin to understand or comprehend. Like Jesus was there at the beginning — not just that it all began when He spoke creation into being but that he was there before that!

Or how about the fact that the Creator comes and lives among the creation. And the creation didn’t know Him or receive Him! BUT as many as received Him he “gave them the right to become children of God.” They did win that distinction because they were born into it by blood (there’s a dig at being of Abraham’s seed) or through their will (there’s a dig at keeping the Law) but through their belief!

Verse 17 says the Law came through Moses but grace and truth were realized through Jesus. This grace and truth served as the iceberg to the burdensome Titanic of the Pharisee’s system of Law keeping. He came and dashed a hole in their religious system that sunk it — and as we read through the book, they knew it!

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” — now connect that to the closing phrase of verse 18, “He has explained Him.” WOW. I’ve read this passage so many times and in this reading this phrase jumped off the page like I’d never read it before! Jesus explains the Father. As Colossians says “He is the image of the invisible God.” (1:15)

There’s a song that I came across a few years ago off the Worship Project P40.3: See, Fear, Trust CD called “Perfect Picture”. It has this phrase in it . . .

You came and became one of us
You give and forgive and promise us you’ll never leave
Perfect picture of the Invisible One, the mystery of God, seen in the Son
You’ve open my eyes, image of God you’re changing my live
Jesus, perfect picture.

It’s funny that I just recently began to listen to this disc again and this song is the one that stood out to me. He came and became one of us so He can be the perfect picture of the invisible God.

Want to know what God looks like? Look at the Son.

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