I heard that Ted Haggard began his new reality TV show this past weekend. I can’t believe I missed it! (just kidding!) When I heard about the show I had random thoughts about how and why such a show could even be considered much less actually get on the air. Then this morning I came across this post by Carl Trueman that articulated much of what I was thinking.

Ted Haggard

Now some might read this and feel compelled to comment about an absence of grace or ask about the “God of second chances.” What I took from Trueman’s comments was that instead of allowing our mistakes to shape us further into the image of Christ, too many use their mistakes to make a name for themselves. IOW, the fallen person becomes more known for the glory they take from the mistake than for a life restored by Christ and that glorifies Him!

Here’s just a quick excerpt of his comments. To read the whole thing click here.

    “A man who betrays his wife can be forgiven; but I am not sure he can be forgiven for making it an opportunity to further his career. When Haggard talks of acceptance and does it on a TV show, and others cover their sleaze with blog talk of `sins of relational mobility’, is it any wonder that the world looks on with utter contempt?”