This I KNOW . . .

. . . That regardless of the events of my life God is aware of them. He knows of them and plans to use them for my good — whether that is in this life or the next, His good is better than my best!

. . . That any event can be used by God to draw attention to Him and give him fame and glory.

. . . That God is deserving of ALL fame and glory, not for all that He has done but simply because of who He is!

. . . That He extends grace sufficient for the moment that will carry me in any circumstance.

. . . That my choices make a difference. Although I may not see the ripples of my choices or know who encounters them, they go out from the moment of decision and can not be taken back or undone.

. . . that God makes beauty from ashes, good from bad, awe from awful.

. . . That God is so good to me and even when the difficulties of the day seem to much to carry He stands with me, carrying my burden for me when I give Him permission to. He is So VERY VERY good to me.

. . . That I can never thank Him enough. I am humbled by His goodness.