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This I KNOW . . .

. . . That regardless of the events of my life God is aware of them. He knows of them and plans to use them for my good — whether that is in this life or the next, His good is better than my best!

. . . That any event can be used by God to draw attention to Him and give him fame and glory.

. . . That God is deserving of ALL fame and glory, not for all that He has done but simply because of who He is!

. . . That He extends grace sufficient for the moment that will carry me in any circumstance.

. . . That my choices make a difference. Although I may not see the ripples of my choices or know who encounters them, they go out from the moment of decision and can not be taken back or undone.

. . . that God makes beauty from ashes, good from bad, awe from awful.

. . . That God is so good to me and even when the difficulties of the day seem to much to carry He stands with me, carrying my burden for me when I give Him permission to. He is So VERY VERY good to me.

. . . That I can never thank Him enough. I am humbled by His goodness.


How much comfort would it give us if our “whys” were answered?

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This year I have come to love and appreciate Psalm 23. I’ve read it over and over. Used it at funerals. Read other authors about it.

One author that I’ve really enjoyed is Haddon Robinson. His short book, “Trusting the Shepherd: Insights from Psalm 23” has been a great read! Discussing verse four that says, “thy rod and staff they comfort me,” Robinson asks us to consider what we would gain from asking why.

“Why the road was icy just then? Why was the loved one on that fatal flight? If God merely gave us answers –scientific or philosophical explanations for our bruising questions — how much comfort would that give us? A child isn’t comforted by being told why his toy broke or why her finger was bruised in the car door or why he must be given the shot. The child is comforted by knowing that his mother loves him and believing she can do something about his hurt.”

You can clearly see in Robinson’s illustration that the comfort a child depends on rests on his faith that his parent is there for him and has his best welfare in mind. God’s strength — His rod and staff — give the sheep a sense of comfort knowing that strength is used for the good of the sheep.

God has been proving Himself strong in my life. At the moment, the “whys” have faded to black as the goodness, mercy and grace of Jesus have shown through all the static of life.

Thank you Lord for your goodness to me, so undeserving, yet so grateful!

God’s grace at work in my life!


It has been a great season of spiritual growth in my life as of late. I can’t explain it all, I don’t understand it that well. I can’t point to any one thing. Instead I think it is the cumulative effect of lots of things going on in life that play on my sin nature and the fears that constantly try to overwhelm me coupled with my time in the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

The result has been peace. Overwhelming peace in the midst of circumstances that just a few weeks ago would have totally sapped away my vitality for ministry, family and life in general. My gratitude for God’s grace is unspeakable. I’m overjoyed at what God is doing in my heart and mind.

“Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope. Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles.”
Psalm 119:49-50

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