For months now I have been reading blogs, watching the news, listening to friends and gathering my thoughts about how Christians and the Church should express their opinions and engage in any of a variety of national discussions. More recently, I have been reading what Scripture has to say about our relationship to governments and have been intrigued by what I’m reading. It’s one of those things where you have read it before but in a new light with real life circumstances in mind old passages come to life with new meaning.

I’ve seen Christians and churches do things I do not want to do!! I don’t want to wave signs or wear t-shirts with messages that disparage anyone — whether I agree with them or not. I don’t sign cyber-petitions because I don’t know if they really are legal or influential or trustworthy. I don’t respond to those bogus surveys asking for my opinion when what they really want is my money. I don’t like mass boycotts. I boycott several business for a lot of reasons just because I’m opinionated and can!

But today I found a way to engage the debate on abortion in a way that I feel good about.

The website for Ligonier Ministries has an initiative to send every new congressional representative a copy of R.C. Sproul’s book, Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue (Reformation Trust Publishing, November 2010).Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue Their plan is to send the book out in January when the new session of congress begins.

Why do I like this? Why did I send in my $10?

First of all because I think I’ve been too apathetic on this issue. I’ve faithfully supported our local crisis pregnancy ministry but that is different to me. I’ve never jumped in and supported this debate in any real manner.

I also think this is a reasonable way to influence elected officials. Giving them information on a hotly debated topic in order to help them decide wisely. Getting a book seems more respectful than standing outside the Capital with a sign calling them “baby killers.”

If you’re interested in reading about the initiative and maybe making a contribution to help it along, you can read more about it here.