I have a pastor friend that posted this Tim Keller quote. (Thanks Michael!) I really respect Keller. I’ve been to his church many times when my sister-in-law attended there. I’ll never be as smart as he is so I just have to keep reading his work!

This particular quote is really important for our church here in the ‘burbs. I think Keller has hit the nail on the head for many people in our area. What is especially troubling is that when the job is gone and the afluence dries up these folks look at God like He failed them. But in reality, they were never looking to God to sustain them. They were looking to their job, their success — really they were looking to themselves!

One sign that you have made success an idol is the false sense of security it brings. The poor and the marginalized expect suffering, they know that life on this earth is nasty, brutish, and short. Successful people are much more shocked and overwhelmed by troubles. As a pastor, I’ve often heard people from the upper echelons say, ‘Life isn’t supposed to be this way,’ when they face tragedy. I have never heard such language in my years as a pastor among the working class and the poor. The false sense of security comes from deifying our achievement and expecting it to keep us safe from the troubles of life in a way that only God can.”

-Tim Keller, “Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power and the Only Hope That Matters”