I’ve been reading Dan Allender’s book, Leading With A Limp. I thought I would post a few a quotes that have really impacted me.

Statement #1. “A priest (leader) must struggle with the temptation to please people rather than call them to maturity. It is far easier to tell happy stories that are full of delusion and lies than to name the story of our deceit and flight.” (pg. 60)

Statement #2. “Don’t miss this: leadership that mimics Jesus will not be normal. It will be neither expected nor, in most cases, preferred. It will be disruptive and anomalous, and it will demand one’s body and soul, fortune, reputation, and all the other small gods that keep our lives safe and satisfied.” (pg. 55)

Statement #3. “He calls us to brokenness, not performance; to relationships, not commotion; to grace, not success. It is no wonder that this kind of leadership is neither spoken of not admired in our business schools or even our seminaries.” (pg. 55)

Statement #4. “Honest hunger after truth requires us to remain open to everyone, including those with whom we disagree and have conflict. It also requires that we remain open to the fact that we desperately need the very people who challenge and contradict our cherished notions of the truth. We many never agree, nor do we need to do so, but we need others–especially those who challenge us to dig deeper and become more human. The hunger, then, is not so much for agreement on factual accounts, but more for troth (covenant-type relationships) that leads to a greater delight in the truth.” (pg. 121)

Statement #5. “The beauty of a limp is that it slows you down, it forces you to take more time, it prevents you from doing as much as you’d like to do. The paradox of death leading to life requires that you disappoint many to please ONE.” (pg. 136)