Sunday’s message was how we spend too much time fixating on financial stewardship while we neglect stewardship of the most precious treasure we have — the Gospel message!

Anyway, I said a lot of stuff and as I was speaking it seemed to come our more harsh than I when I prepared it. I didn’t intend that but I do think our church as well as most others find it too easy to be distracted from what is most important.

So here are five things said on Sunday that we need to keep in mind:

#1 — Too many churches have a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” culture that exists. We all silently agree not to ask each other who we have shared the Gospel with so we are not accountable for doing so. I don’t believe this is a conspiracy, but I do think it is a trap we fall into and must break out of. Let’s start asking each other and praying for each other.

#2 — Consider the parable of the man who found the field with the treasure hidden in it. He ran out and sold all he had to possess the treasure. Have you sold all you have to possess the treasure of the Gospel? Have you held back something for yourself? If so, then you really don’t possess the treasure yet.

#3. — Good stewardship is not leaving success to chance, but it is being diligent about what we do and how we do in order to achieve the greatest success. (Thanks Kate for that nugget of truth!)

#4. — Actually this tidbit isn’t from the message. John Ashton sent it to me later in the day. His comment was that a good steward must know the owner’s desire in order to please the owner. What a great comment! Do we know what Christ’s desire is for us, his servants, those who are charged with managing the Gospel story? I fear that too many feel the story is for them alone and never feel compelled to share it.

#5. — I am the worst of sinners in this area. I have enjoyed sharing the Gospel when I have do so. But I am the worst at feeling like I don’t have time. When I do that I am prioritizing my mundane task (cleaning the garage, washing the siding — you know really important stuff) over my responsibility of stewardship of the Gospel. My greatest downfall is robbing time from my family or from my time in the Word or from building relationships for stupid stuff that will one day burn to a crisp. God forgive me for my ignorance!