A few thoughts and quotes from part two of the Canvas series: The Wonderful Cross

“God’s glory makes sense of all of life. It gives context and a framework for everything.”

“The problem with God’s glory is that it takes us from the center and places God there and that bothers us. We have a hard time giving up center stage.”

Andy talks says that God gets maximum glory when his creation, namely us, willingly and freely chooses to follow Him. Like an adult child who wants to be with his parents out of devotion and love. The fascinating thing is that when we consider the stars and mountains and all of creation and are in awe of all that there is — all that pales in comparison to the glory God gets when we reflect Him.

Even further fascinating is that all of nature has no choice but to reflect the Creator. But we do. Thus the glory for Him — that He can take that which is so selfish and broken, that which is bent on self-glory and still use it to draw attention to Himself. Only He can do that!! Only He can redeem all that is broken and use the brokenness to reveal His majesty!