My mind is reeling with the sheer enormity of all that has happened in Haiti this week. This is five things I am thinking right now.

#1 — I know my God is in the middle of this and will use this to bring people to Himself. I don’t understand why He works this way. I don’t know how this will look in a month or a year from now. But my faith in Him is not shaken. I don’t understand, but I don’t doubt God in the midst of this.

#2 — I am overwhelmed as I see the pictures and hear the stories. I can’t begin to imagine what my friends there in Haiti are feeling and thinking. Even as I write this they have someone in their home they are trying to help. There was no room at the hospital so the man ended up at Rich and Carol’s home.

#3 — I took time to sit with my boys tonight and hug them. To tell them I loved them and was grateful that they were safe and healthy. I don’t think they understood why I was being so wierd. Maybe one day when they are older they’ll remember tonight and understand better.

#4 — I’m alive, healthy and have way more than I need. I feel ashamed for allowing my life to be so consumed with meaningless things and activities in light of people who have lost everything — and have done so with grace and dignity.

# 5 — The doctor in the tv just said a nickel’s worth of penicillin can save a life. It’s astonishing how little it takes to make a difference, even to save a life at times.