Five things about Haiti

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My mind is reeling with the sheer enormity of all that has happened in Haiti this week. This is five things I am thinking right now.

#1 — I know my God is in the middle of this and will use this to bring people to Himself. I don’t understand why He works this way. I don’t know how this will look in a month or a year from now. But my faith in Him is not shaken. I don’t understand, but I don’t doubt God in the midst of this.

#2 — I am overwhelmed as I see the pictures and hear the stories. I can’t begin to imagine what my friends there in Haiti are feeling and thinking. Even as I write this they have someone in their home they are trying to help. There was no room at the hospital so the man ended up at Rich and Carol’s home.

#3 — I took time to sit with my boys tonight and hug them. To tell them I loved them and was grateful that they were safe and healthy. I don’t think they understood why I was being so wierd. Maybe one day when they are older they’ll remember tonight and understand better.

#4 — I’m alive, healthy and have way more than I need. I feel ashamed for allowing my life to be so consumed with meaningless things and activities in light of people who have lost everything — and have done so with grace and dignity.

# 5 — The doctor in the tv just said a nickel’s worth of penicillin can save a life. It’s astonishing how little it takes to make a difference, even to save a life at times.


Psalm 46: Personal paraphrase

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I have been reading and thinking through Psalm 46 this morning. Sometimes it helps me to rewrite a passage in my own words. This is what I came away with for this Psalm.

“I can hide in God and He will be my strength. He is always there to help in times of trouble. Because I can hide in Him and He is my strength and is there to help me, I won’t be afraid, no matter what. Even if the ground falls away from beneath my feet!

God lives among a city, His city – the city of God. He is in this city and sustains it. It will never fall. At the crack of dawn He is there to sustain it. Meanwhile, nations are in turmoil with each other. Some fall, others rise. But God merely lifts His voice and all fall silent. They melt away before Him.

This same God is with us. This God, who goes back to Jacob, He is our fortress where we can be safe.

Take a minute and see the works, all the things God has done. He brings desolation to the Earth. He makes wars end. He destroys the weapons of war so they can’t be used again.

He calls us, tells us to take all this in. Be still. Know that I am God. Every nation will take note of me. All the Earth will know of Me and my work.

God Almighty, this ageless, timeless God is with us. He protects us!”

What keeps you out of the palace? Abiding: Day 1

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“Who would, after seeking the King’s palace, be content to stand in the door, when he is invited in to dwell in the King’s presence, and share with Him in all the glory of His roayal life? Oh, let us enter in and abide, and enjoy to the full all the rich supply His wondrous love has prepared for us!” (pg 13)

Why do so many live outside the palace instead of living in it? Why have I done this so many times? I am sure the reasons are different for every person. For me, I think my pride keeps me from admiting my sin and failure. I hate coming to a holy God and telling him again that I have failed. It’s no suprise to Him. He knows of my failures. So it’s not that I hate disclosing my sin to God. I hate admiting it. I hate my own failure and having to address it. And thus, I choose to live outside the palace instead of go inside and have to face Him and admit my sin again.

How silly. How frail. Lord, help me to come to grips with my fear of failure.

What keeps you out of the palace?

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