Recently I attended a political candidate forum. Before the candidates were given the platform the host of the organization talked about the goals and aspirations of the organization. Eventually he explained that those goals and aspirations would be a lot easier to attain if they had more money. Any donation would be appreciated or I could pay the prescribed amount and be considered a member for the next year.

I sat and listened to him and considered the goals and vision of the organization. I thought about each one of them and whether they aligned with my personal goals and values and concluded that I really didn’t know if I agreed with them well enough to contribute money. In my mind, I was thinking that giving money would be a vote of approval and a way of saying that I wanted to be a part of what this group was doing.

Then I had this thought. Is that why CCC is having financial problems? Are there people who regularly attend and participate that aren’t sure if they agree with our vision and values enough to contribute financially? Were my thoughts and feelings that night what others think and feel on Sunday mornings?

Two weeks later, I am still processing that experience. Thinking about it, pondering and considering what we do as a church and how we communicate all that to everyone else at CCC. And realizing — there are no easy answers. There are no quick fixes. This is going to take time.

May God give us the grace and wisdom to learn from our experiences and come to conclusions that put Him on center stage and minimize our efforts and pitiful strength.