I am a fan of J. Hampton Keithley III. Don’t know him personally, but I read his work regularly. And use it. And grow from it!

In preparing to teach from Galatians 5 on ‘serving one another’ I found this juicy excerpt of his.

Here lies a great Christian paradox. It is interesting that Paul, having warned these Christians against becoming slaves again to the Law and the flesh, now urges them to become servants, slaves to one another (5:13) which includes, of course, being bond slaves to God (1 Cor. 6:19; Rom. 12:1). This paradox is tremendously instructive:

    Slavery to one another and to God is nothing at all like slavery to the flesh or to the Law.

    Slavery to flesh and the Law result in death, misery, and frustration. It causes us to be consumed, torn apart by one another.

    On the other hand, slavery to God and one another results in true freedom and maximum blessing.

    Slavery to sin is involuntary and never neutral. It is degenerative and destructive both to self and to others.

    Slavery to the Law is voluntary, it is man choosing to save himself. As such it is foolish, burdensome, but also completely helpless to change our lives from the inside where it really counts.

    Slavery to God and to one another is voluntary. But it is a product of love and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, it becomes a source of glory to God, and joy, peace, and blessing to self and to others.