Halloween is another one of those topics that are debated in our churches. There are elements about it that are unsavory and glorify all that is bad in our world — dressing up like hookers or or other immoral characters that our culture turns a blind eye towards or in some cases even celebrates. But there are many elements of this October day that are totally innocent and fun loving. A time to dress up like one of the Seven Dwarfs (that’s me this year. guess which one) or a nurse or a Dallas Cowboy. (when children dress up like a Philadelphia Iggle I consider that emulating all that is wrong in the world!!)

Others feel that Halloween, even in the way that the average suburban family participates the holiday, celebrates the occult or all that is evil. Those that hold this opinion most often feel the roots of Halloween can not be separated from it’s current day celebration. Regardless of how innocent one may feel October 31st is, the evil still lurks in the background for many people.

As you porbably already know, I fall into the camp that Halloween can be innocent and even be used for the Kingdom. One Focus on the Family author stated it like this:

“For the average secular person in our society, Halloween is simply an excuse to dress up and party. For the Christian, however, I believe Halloween offers a unique opportunity to provide answers for a spiritually hungry generation. Granted, some Christians are not comfortable even acknowledging Halloween’s square on the calendar or participating in an alternative. I respect their opinion, but as an evangelist I think they’re missing a great opportunity to share Jesus with others. Romans 12:21 reminds us to “overcome evil with good.” And I’ve noticed that light shines brightest in darkness.”

(To read this article in it’s entirety, click here.)

There is no other day of the year when people will come and knock on my door and give me the chance to build a relationship with them. Likewise, there is no other day of the year that people welcome my kids to come up and knock on their door and yell at them when they come to the door. It’s unique. There’s nothing else like it. If relationships are the avenue for the Gospel, then October 31st is a fantastic chance to enhance relationships in my neighborhood. Why would I miss that opportunity.

Now what to do when dear friends and fellow brothers in Jesus differ with me on this topic? In keeping with our teaching series on the “One Anothers” — I don’t think less of them. I want to honor their convictions and encourage them to live out those convictions fully. That is why CCC hosts a Harvest Party. It gives those with different convictions a way to fulfill them if they so desire.

So this weekend, whether you dress up or don’t dress up. Whether you observe Halloween or Harvest. Do it as unto the Lord!

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