This week begins a long series of messages on the “one another” passages in the NT. You know — love one another, honor one another, bear each other’s burden, be kind to one another, submit to one another — there are 59 times that the phrase is used as a specific commandment.

I am so grateful for how God loves us and chooses to teach us. As I am preparing this series, the Holy Spirit is showing me just how awful I am at “one anothering”.

Twice today, God has used folks here at CCC to reveal the flaw of my heart and show me how far from the mark I am when it comes to honoring and loving others ‘as myself’ — Matthew 27:39.

Even as I write this, I can think of other instances yesterday that were not in line with how the Lord would have me be.

I feel humbled, ashamed, excited, refreshed. Ashamed at my sin, yet excited to sense the Spirit’s work in my heart chastising me and refreshing me, cleaning me from the shame and guilt.

An important lesson I am learning about “one anothering” is the power of forgiving. Having to ask for forgiveness today and then being forgiven, revealed to me the great power we have in each other’s life to set each other free. I really appreciate my brothers and sisters in Christ who did that for me today!