“But hope that is seen is not hope at all; for who hopes for what he already sees?” — Romans 8:24

My father-in-law, Joseph Ducanis, Sr., now sees his Hope. He no longer waits for it. It is not unseen any more. He no longer has hope because his hope has been realized. Paul says it is not hope if you see it. Dad Ducanis now sees, he stares and worships what was once hope but is now reality. He is with his Savior, Christ Jesus.

As I have been thinking about our study of hope and Dad’s passing, heaven has become more real to me. Jake, BJ’s 22 year old nephew, was waiting for Dad Ducanis when he arrived. They are not hopeful people any longer. They have no need to be. They are with Jesus.

I love the thought of Jake being with his granddad. The two of them waiting on the rest of us. Those of us who are left . . . still hoping.