I am still pondering the parable from Matt 18 about the slave that was forgiven much but demanded repayment from a fellow slave that owed so little. We ended our time in the Word last week considering how much God has forgiven us for.

So how do we answer that question? How much did God forgive us? What is the extent of that forgiveness? How bad a sinner was I? How big was my debt? How could I really be that bad? (whether we actually say that out loud or not, I think that is exactly what most of us really think.)

We will always come to the wrong conclusion when we try to answer that question from the perspective us looking up at God from our vantage point. Instead the only way to come to the right conclusion is to attempt to answer that question by looking over God’s shoulder down on us — from His perspective.

Do you have that perspective? If so, how did you get it? What is your understanding of your sin and the great debt that has been paid on your behalf?

Finally, if you understand the magnificence of your forgiveness, how has that impacted your relationships with others?