What is the purpose of life?

Why am I here?

How do I make a difference?

People (most of us) want to make a difference in this life. We want to leave things better than they found them. We want purpose and value in our life.

All good aspirations.

Don’t you think that often, as we ask ourselves these questions, if we take them seriously, they motivate us and produce productive energy in our life resulting in worthwhile results?

But do we ask these same questions about other aspects of our life? (Actually, a more compelling question is why do we do anything that won’t push us toward our goal of making a difference in life. But that is for another post/discussion!) To get right to the point, the area that I am confused by is why don’t people ask these type of questions about their church? (Maybe you do!)

Do people ask . . .

What is the purpose of my church?

Why is my church here?

How can my church make a difference?

I read a quote by John Stott that says, If “our structure has become an end in itself, not a means of saving the world, it is a heretical structure.”

I fear that for many the church has lost the mission of “saving the world” and in fact does exist for itself. What are some of the examples that you might have observed that could lead one to conclude that the church does exist for itself? Have we in fact lost our mission to “save the world?”