What Jesus Stood For

IN JESUS’ TIME, THE PHARISEES HAD CLEARLY DEFINED WHAT they stood against. Over generations, using the basic laws of the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Moses, they had developed a vast legalistic structure—to the point that they argued whether it was lawful to eat an egg laid on the Sabbath.
What Jesus Stood For

They were against travel on the Sabbath. They were against impurity. They were against women in the inner court of the temple. Most of all, in their self-righteousness, they were against the people who failed to follow their religious rules.

Jesus? In the two great commandments—love God, love your neighbor—he stated not what he stood against, but what he stood for. For healing, even on a Sabbath. For forgiveness, not of sin but of the sinner. For reaching out to those in need. For love.

And when he died on the cross, Jesus stood for us all.

From The Carpenter’s Cloth: Christ’s Journey to the Cross and Beyond by Sigmund Brouwer

Taken from ChristianityToday.com