We are fortunate to have several serious bible students at CCC. Rob Quanstrom is just one of them. Rob reads all kinds of stuff and has a great library (I know. I have borrowed from him more than once!). So I go to him for advice on reference works from time to time. He recently forwarded a review of a new resource, Bible Study Magazine. Enjoy his comments on this resource and if you use it let me know! Thanks Rob!!

Bible Study Magazine
published by Logos Bible Software

This is a good time of year to begin afresh; make a resolution to study your Bible!
Here’s a magazine that will provide helpful tips and will teach you how to do it.

Bible Study Magazine is filled with the type of articles that stimulate, provoke, enlighten and encourage you to study God’s word.

It’s not a magazine for those who only wish to confirm what they already know.
It stretches you and expands your horizons.

Each Issue includes:
Bible Study Tips – Simple study methods you may have missed
A Feature Story – Interviews and articles with well known ministry leaders
In the News – Covers the latest news related biblical stories and events
D.I.Y Bible Study – Do-It-Yourself study introducing various resources to use
Not Your Average Bible Study – A week by week programmed book study
On the Cutting Edge – Perspectives on archaeological and historical findings
Greek Word Study Without Greek – A step-by-step introduction to word studies
I Dare You Not to Bore Me – Things you may have missed in common passages
And much more!

The first issue included:
An interview with Josh McDowell (6 pages)
An interview with Dr. Peter Flint concerning the Great Isaiah Scroll (3 pages)
An article about Choosing a Translation by Dan Wallace (4 pages)

And I’m eager awaiting the next issue’s continuing article, “God’s Word Through Multiple Voices: The Case of Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judah” (2 Kings 18-19).
Craig Broyles examines the Assyrian account of Sennacherib’s assault of Hezekiah’s kingdom and compares it to the biblical account.

Although the magazine is published by Logos Bible Systems you don’t need to own a copy of the software.
Aside each article there are small blurbs directing you to additional resources within the Libronix library system.

A One Year Subscription (6 magazines) is only $14.95
See http://www.biblestudymagazine.com/ for ordering information and sample articles.

Rob Quanstrom