I have never used the services of a prostitute. I have been approached and encouraged to make a purchase. I was only 16 the first time. It scared me to death and embarrassed me to no end! I also had a memorable discussion with a young lady at the Trenton train station.

In both cases I declined their offers not because I was wise in a Proverbs 5 kind of way. I said no because it was “the wrong thing to do” and I was scared! Probably fear was the bigger of the two motivations.

But other men and unfortunately other pastors have said yes. Read well what I am saying, I am not a better man or a more holy pastor than those others. I am a more fearful man. I fear the damage it would do to my heart and walk with the Lord. I fear the hurt and pain it would inflict on my wife. I fear the shame of my sons learning I had done such a thing. I fear the broken trust that would be a result of such an action. Broken trust on the part of my wife, sons, closest friends, our church, with my Father in heaven.

As I read verses 12-14 I can feel the emotion of a man would have to groan the words, “I hated what was right. I did what I wanted. I have ruined everything.”

I don’t want to ever have to say those words. The only thing that will keep me from doing so is the grace and mercy of my Father. Left to myself, I will fail. Lord, sustain me. Protect me and those I love from myself!