Proverbs is right. Our kids do bring joy to their parents! This morning I have especially appreciated the truth of those Proverbs.

Sitting in my living room enjoying the snow, reading my bible, typing out thoughts on my laptop. Then I hear something from the boys room at the top of the stairs. It is reading. Grant reading. Grant reading Proverbs 2. How cool that was for me to hear him reading on his own. May God embed His truth in that boy’s heart!

Then a while later, Owen has taken over their bedroom. He has his music on — loud. He pops out of his room and calls me, “Daddee” so I look up there to see what is going on. He smiles a giant smile and is trying his hardest to sing with the song. It was some children’s bible song. He was signing the words as he squeezed them out vocally as well. That hasn’t always happened! It was pure joy to listen to him!!

Finally, this week is a big week for Owen. He has been in an autistic support class this year. He has done well there. This week he will begin to attend a regular ed class for their morning meeting. If it goes well he will attend this 30 minute portion of the class two times each week. It is a GIANT step for him! We are eager to see how it works out!