We recently finished reading a children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress. In the book many of the characters have names that reflect their character. I often wondered as I read the book to the boys, “What would my name be? What would reflect my character?”

Chapter 25 highlights a character trait that I hope I would reflect – faithfulness.

“Like the cold of snow in the time of harvest is a faithful messenger to those who send him, for he refreshes the soul of his masters. (v. 13)

I especially like that last phrase, ‘he refreshes the soul of his masters.’ Wow, wouldn’t that be cool! To hear your parent, your boss, THE LORD say, “I love that guy! Knowing he’s taking care of that project sets me free to do other tasks that need my attention.” Or if it was the Lord, I would want Him to say, “This task needs someone who will see it through. I need someone I can depend on. Is Tim available?” (OK, He knows if I am available or not. I know that. Work with me will ya!!) I want to please Him!

But verses 14 & 19 are more true about me than I would like to admit. I don’t want to be one that takes on a responsibility and then doesn’t deliver (v.14). Nor do I want to be someone that others don’t want to deal with. (v.19) “This is a big job. Who is available? Tim? Is there anyone else available?”

I believe God’s grace gives me the strength to ‘refresh the soul of my master.’ May I grab that grace and be found faithful!