So I am home and resting after the heart catheterization. This was my first health issue of any significance. I’ve spent one night in the hospital many years ago due to a kidney stone. Other than that – nothing, nada, zippo! Maybe this procedure is the beginning of a new phase of life!

I am amazed at the technology involved in all this. I have never had anesthesia before. It is incredible that you can be cut and have tiny cameras running through your body and not remember one little bit of it! They can learn so much with so little intrusion into our bodies. It is all wires and leads. Even when they do get intrusive it was just a little cut.

I was trying to explain to Grant what the doctors were going to do. Since I don’t have a firm grasp on the procedure myself, my explanation was probably way too simple and far from accurate. But I basically said the doctor would cut my leg, run a thin wire with a tiny camera on the end of it into my heart and look for any problems. He listened intently then said, “When they get in your heart they will see Jesus there, right? Wouldn’t that be weird if they did! If they do see Him will you text me?” Don’t you just love the way our kids think!

When they did get into my heart they found a minimum amount of blockage. Not enough to warrant further procedures at this time. So they want me on some meds, do more exercise and stop eating all good food. I don’t like taking pills, don’t have time to exercise and love all foods that are bad for me. But, I will do as I am told and begin all three.

Thanks to everyone who offered to help in some way, prayed for us, called to check in, shot us an email or helped out in some form or another this week. We really appreciate it. We are glad to be a part of the body of Christ here at CCC!