There are several themes in this chapter that I would like to chase — attitudes toward the poor, diligence (I like the ox verse, v4), and foolishness, of which I am a regular participant. But the theme that is a core sin area for me is anger.

God has done remarkable work in my life in this area, but I feel it is like cancer or an addiction – you are never cured although you may be in remission. Once the drug, drink or disease has entered the system you always have to be on the look out for it!

Three verses touch on anger, 17, 29 & 30. Depending on the bible version you are using the word ‘foolish’ might be interpreted as ‘stupidity’ which is a more common term (and state of mind) to most of us.

So anger makes one act in a stupid manner (v.17); lacks understanding (v.29); celebrates stupidity (v.29) and eats away at our health (v.30).

I have experienced all of these! Stupid behavior. Been blinded by anger so badly that I lose all objectivity. Bragged about stupid behavior (that really hurts to admit!). Allowed anger to consume by thoughts, fortunately not much beyond that.

Proverbs is full of verses on anger, some are pretty harsh. Each of them remind me of how far I’ve come . . . and how far I still have to go.