This is a late post. Yesterday didn’t end until 1 AM today and today began at 6 AM. So I am off schedule!

There were a few verses today that could leave you scratching your head. Did you have any of those? My ‘head scratcher was v. 16, “A gracious woman attains honor, and violent men attain riches.” But after I finished the whole chapter and came back to this verse it dawned on me what it was saying. At first I was wondering why violent men get rich. Being violent is bad so why do the violent get rewarded. Do you realize what I was thinking? That being rich is a good thing by my fleshly values. But in God’s economy wealth is no big thing. Honor is instead. Wow, it was a 2×4 to the forehead. I never saw it coming.

This is why I love God’s Word. It is constantly revealing my values and the things I would want as being worthless and contrasting them against God’s eternal and prefect values!

I wrote down all kinds of other stuff, but it all pales in comparison to the 2×4 in verse 16.