When we have the time Grant and I have been doing the ‘proverb of the day’ study. But some of those chapters can be tricky to handle, like chapter 2:16 where the writer addresses “the strange woman, the adulteress who flatters.” It requires extra work to make that relevant to the life of an 11 year old! But we always worked around it and got the good stuff to apply to our lives.

But I stumbled upon a nice resource. “Proverbs of Solomon: Family Discussion Guide” is a tool for working through the first 12 chapters of the Proverbs. The author doesn’t limit the discussion or study to those chapters. She relates the topics from those chapters to other passages in Proverbs so you are working throughout the book as you study. I encourage you to try it out. We will be using it. Probably breaking up each study over a few days. Share how it is going for you and your child! Click here to go to the study guide. Or you can download the study guide as a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the icon in the My Docs box in the right sidebar of this blog.