You probably have heard of “40 Days of Purpose” or “40 Days of Community.” You might have even heard of the church that had a “30 Day Sex Challenge.” (They even have a workbook to go with the challenge? Aren’t you just a little curious?)

Well I would like to suggest that Crossing have a 31 Days of Proverbs! Beginning Monday, February 9th, anyone who wants to participate will read the Proverb corresponding for that date. So on the 9th, we would all read the 9th Proverb. Then on Feb 10 we read the 10th Proverb and so on for the next 31 days. By the end of our time together we will have read the entire book of Proverbs.

As you are reading you can post your comments, thoughts, questions — anything you learned from your reading on the appropriate date. If you have an amazing revelation as you are reading Proverbs 12 on Feb 12, find my post for Feb 12 and add your comment.

All this reading will correspond with a series I will be teaching from Proverbs.