“During Sunday’s Super Bowl, [advertisers] will be spending $3 million a half minute, or $100,000 a second—$100,000 DOLLARS A SECOND!—to get their hands wrapped around us and our kids. … We continue to pound home the message that marketing is perhaps the greatest influence today on the values, attitudes and resulting behaviors of children and teens. We pound home the message that marketers have mastered the art of tapping into the spiritual void caused by our fall into sin, convincing us that created things can fill the hole in the soul that’s shaped like the Creator. And we buy, and we buy, and we buy. And they have no problem investing $100,000 a [second] because they know the return will be great.” —Christian youth culture expert Walt Mueller, founder of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding [cpyu.org, 1/28/09]

This past Sunday we talked about how God considered Israel to be “without knowledge” and thus in ruins. People will replace knowledge of God or the “hole in our soul” with all sorts of created things that become false gods, things we think will have the same results that a vibrant relationship with God brings.

Mueller is right on with his assessment. “The World” as James calls it, knows people are seeking anything and everything to find love, peace, joy, fulfillment — all the stuff the Holy Spirit produces as fruit when He is active and present in our life. The world is so aware of this that unimaginable amounts of money are never too much to lure us from the Truth and ensnare us in an assortment of cheap imitations.

Now the question begs to be answered . . . if our values are worth $100,000 per second, what are we doing to protect what is right and true and to build more of the same into our life?